Tobias Whale is a criminal and the leader of The 100. He is also responsible for the murder of Jefferson Pierce's father, leading him into clash with Black Lightning. Due to his actions, he is the main antagonist of the series.


When he was younger, Tobias and sister Tori were born to Eldridge Whale and an unnamed woman. The woman left the family at some point, leaving Tobias and his sister to be raised by their father. However, their father was constantly abusive towards them, especially Tobias due to his albinism.

Many years later, Tobias began working as a politician in Freeland, but eventually lost his position, going underground and pursuing a criminal career, eventually being given leadership over The 100.[1]

For unspecified reasons, Tobias killed Jefferson Pierce's father. He was wanted by the police for the murder.[2]

At some point, Tobias seemingly killed Black Lightning,[2] dumping his body in a river. He paid a coroner to confirm that the body that had been pulled and biopsied was indeed Black Lightning.[1]

The return of Black LightningEdit

Over nine years later, Tobias was the leader of The 100. He had an underling killed by feeding him to carnivorous fish. He then proceeded to watch a news report regarding the possible return of Black Lightning. Shortly following, after Lala antagonized the vigilante, Tobias had Lala brought to him, injuring him and threatening death.[2]

Wishing to extinguish the "bootleg Black Lightning", Tobias ordered some of his people to up their security around the town. Wishing to punish Lala, he had him gagged. Later on, after Lala was arrested for the murder of Lawanda White, Tobias entered his jail cell with the help of some corrupt police officers. Tobias refused Lala the chance of ratting him out and promptly strangled him in his cell.[3]

Sometime later, Tobias visited Lady Eve at Blackberry Funeral Parlor, bringing money as an apology for Lala's actions. Lady Eve informed him that Reverend Jeremiah Holt had organized a rally throughout Freeland as a protest against The 100, and asked him to take him out. Tobias appointed a gunman, stabbing him in the hand to assert fear over him. Although, his attempt failed when Black Lightning interrupted the shooting. Tobias quickly discovered Black Lightning to be alive, having his henchwoman shoot for the vigilante, instead reaching the reverend and Khalil Payne.[4]

Shortly following, Tobias visited Lady Eve again, who reminded him that his reputation was built upon him having killed Black Lightning, a fact which now meant it was dwindling. Soon after, Tobias' sister Tori came into town, greeting his brother. They hatched a plan to get rid of Black Lightning, with Tobias taking a visit to Khalil Payne's hospital room, assuring him that his paraplegia was due to the vigilante.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Longevity: Through a serum Tobias was granted the ability to never age, as a result, he has stayed young (appearing in his early to mid-thirties to early forties) for the past several decades and not suffered the ravages of time and aging. Because of this, Tobias seems at his physical prime.[5]
  • Superhuman strength: Tobias has shown immense strength, possibly through the serum, enabling him to strangle and snap the neck of a normal human male of average weight and size with a single hand, as well as snap and break the back of another with a pressure of strength through a hug.[6][5]


  • Leadership skills: Tobias has demonstrated leadership both on the political and organized crime fields. Tobias is a rather shrewd, calculating ruthless leader especially when it comes to his duty as the crime lord and leader of The 100.
  • Weaponry: Tobias is a very skilled harpooner.



  • Tobias appears to be an atheist, as when asked by Lady Eve if he was a churchgoer, he responded that his life hadn't led him down a "spiritual path".


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