As a part of having an alter ego, individuals try to keep secret identities, often telling few people as possible about their alternate identity. Below are lists of characters' secret identities, and who is aware of them.

Jefferson Pierce/Black LightningEdit

To give people hope and save his city, Jefferson Pierce uses his powers to fight crime.

  1. Peter Gambi: Gambi helped to create both of Jefferson's vigilante suits, also helping to patch him up when necessary.[1]
  2. Lynn Stewart: As his wife when he first began crusading as Black Lightning, Lynn is aware of Jefferson's vigilantism.[1]
  3. Anissa Pierce: After fighting him unknowingly, she was beaten and knocked out, causing Jefferson to voluntarily reveal his identity to her when she woke up.[2]

Anissa PierceEdit

While having no official alter ego, Anissa uses her powers to fight crime in Freeland.

  1. Lynn Stewart: After yelling at attackers tying up her mother, Lynn realized that the costumed vigilante was her daughter.[2]
  2. Jefferson Pierce: After beating her to unconsciousness, Jefferson got a close look at Anissa's face, realizing it was his daughter.[2]
  3. Peter Gambi: After Jefferson knocked her out, he called for Gambi's help in transporting Anissa.[2]


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