"I love Lynn and those girls, but we knew this day would come. Jefferson, I've known you since you were 12 years old. You're like my son, so I have to tell you the truth. The promise you made Lynn was well-intentioned, but it always had an expiration date."

Peter Gambi is a tailor, owning Gambi's Custom Tailoring, and the mentor of Jefferson Pierce.


Gambi met Jefferson Pierce when the latter was twelve years old. Some years later, when Jefferson began acting as the vigilante Black Lightning, Gambi designed him a protective suit to wear. Jefferson eventually retired from vigilantism, much to the chagrin of Gambi.[1]

Over a decade later, working from his own tailoring shop, Gambi arrived to find an injured Jefferson in his shop. He helped patch him up, suggesting he continue his vigilantism. Jefferson disagreed, but after his daughters were taken, he returned to Gambi, who unveiled a new vigilante suit for him.[1]

Gambi proposed bringing down Lala to find out who he was working for, but Jefferson told Gambi that he would be done after they brought down Lala. Later, Gambi discovered Will's body in a dumpster and alerted Jefferson, planning to use his cell phone to uncover evidence. Lynn Stewart showed up at the shop and the two passed blame back and forth: Lynn blaming Gambi for trying to pull Jefferson out of a situation he was content with, while Gambi blamed Lynn for keeping Jefferson from his true calling of being a protector. Jefferson then returned and became Black Lightning for good again after Lawanda White's murder and his failure to protect her as a simple civilian.[2]

Gambi improved upon the gauntlets in Black Lightning's suit, allowing Jeff to try them out. He later helped Jefferson to create a detour route for Reverend Holt's march, sending them on a route that Jefferson could easily watch over the crowd safely from a high vantage point. Later, Gambi discovered Tobias Whale's photo on camera footage and deleted the images to hide the truth from Jefferson.[3]

Shortly following, Gambi was led to a crime scene following the death of Ronald Wright, a dealer of Green Light. Jefferson called him, tipping him off to Wright, but Gambi reported that he'd already found his dead body. After this, Gambi assisted Jefferson in a mission to find a stash of Green Light, but Jefferson was distracted by explosion-like sounds. He investigated the other scene, but found nothing, and so returned to the original scene. Gambi took a rifle and investigated the scene himself, taking a photo of a fracture in the ground.[4]


  • Computer hacking: Gambi possesses impressive computer hacking skills, as he has stated that he can hack into any database, including Freeland Police Department.[2]
  • Marksmanship: Gambi seems to possess at least some firearm skills, as he was prepared to use a rifle when he went to investigate a scene.[4] And a pistol when Tobias Whale appeared in his shop.[5]


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  • Jefferson has mentioned that Gambi is Italian.[3]



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