Malik is a member of The 100.


Malik spent a day playing video games on his phone, rather than selling product as he was supposed to. The following day, he walked past Lala and Jefferson Pierce after missing a van, the former making him introduce himself to the latter. Lala then questioned him about his commitment and why he'd been playing video games, physically taking hold of him, before telling him to sweep the shop's floor.[1]

Malik arrived to the Pierce home, carrying a box and pretended to sell chocolate. As Jennifer attempted to buy one, Malik pulled out a water pistol and shot Jennifer with a red substance and delivered a warning from Lala. Malik then escaped from the pursuing officers.[2]

Sometimes later, Jefferson in his alter-ego of Black Lightning observed Malik selling drugs in streets. Jefferson approached him as a civilian and asked him why he was doing that to which he replied that it was an effort to help his grandmother. Jefferson asks him to attend mentorship programme at Garfield High School the next day. To Jefferson's assumption, Malik showed up. He taught him a mantra to live by. Although Jefferson was interrupted by A.S.A.. agents, he gave Malik a poem book and asked him to show up at the same time, the following Saturday.[3]


Season 1Edit


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