Latavius (died 2018), known as Lala, was a high-ranking member of The 100, and the cousin of Will. He helped run Club 100.


When Will visited Club 100, Lala had him and Jennifer Pierce brought to him in a private room. He requested the $100,000 that Will owed him, instead suggesting Jennifer become a prostitute at the Seahorse Motel to pay off the debt. When she refused the idea and hit Will, Lala expressed fondness for her. They were interrupted by Jefferson Pierce, unbeknownst to him, who began using his electrical powers to get Jennifer to safety. The following day, Lala was visited by Jefferson, who asked for assurance that Will would stay away from his daughters, as he'd been aggressive. Malik walked by and Lala made him introduce himself to Jefferson, physically abusing him and taking his phone from him for not selling their produce, much to the anger of Pierce. Lala agreed to do Jefferson the favor in return for owing him one. That night, after Will kidnapped Jennifer and Anissa Pierce, keeping them hostage at the Seahorse Motel, Lala scolded him for it, beating him to the ground. He eventually escaped in his car, only to be stopped in the road by Tobias Whale's henchman. They took him to Whale, where Tobias shot him with a harpoon for creating problems with Black Lightning.[1]

Further being punished, Lala was gagged by Tobias. The following day, he watched as a number of gang members rode motorbikes and quad bikes for amusement. He was approached by Jefferson Pierce, who threatened him, only to be beaten down. That night he met with Will, who he was forced to shoot in the head, due to incompetence. The night after, Lala went to enter the Seahorse Motel, only to be approached by Lawanda White. Ordering her to get out of his face, she didn't comply, causing him to kill her. The following night after that, in an apartment, Lala was met by Black Lightning, who beat him. When the vigilante was forced to flee, Lala was brought in to the police station, unbeknownst to him having been incriminated by recordings on Lawanda's phone. Later, Tobias made his way into the police station, choking him to death before he could rat him out.[2]



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