Kara Fowdy is the vice principal of Garfield High School.


Kara attended a fundraiser at Garfield High School. She attempted to introduce Jefferson Pierce to Lady Eve of Blackbird Funeral Parlor, but he went to attend to personal business while Fowdy waited around. The following morning, she told him of how the school's board wanted to install metal detectors on the premises, but he firmly disagreed, a message she promised to relay.[1]

Some days later, Kara stood with Jefferson Pierce and company as he assured parents that their children would not come to harm at Garfield High. She later officially welcomed Jefferson back to work, checking up on him and his girls.[2]

After Bernard Lewis went crazy on Green Light, some students fetched Fowdy on Principal Pierce's request. She sat in on Pierce's meeting with Bernard and his father, telling Jeff following that the board would never allow Bernard to stay at the school. He suggested she tell them that it was his decision, but she simply reminded him that she was the vice principal, not his secretary. The following day, Jefferson and Kara met with Rose, a member of the board, who recommended that they change the by-laws so that the board has final say on rule-breakers. After it, Fowdy reminded Pierce that he was doing the best he could, and that he couldn't always save every student - they would ultimately make their own decisions. Kara later came to Jefferson, letting him know that the board was giving him an ultimatum: he could either retain full final say on rule-breakers but expel Bernard, or advocate on behalf of the students by contributing one vote and also letting Bernard stay, Jefferson ultimately choosing the latter.[3]

Committing herself to monitoring cyber bullying on social media, Kara found a post from Khalil Payne making fun of Jennifer Pierce. She showed the post to Jefferson, offering her support if he needed it. She later watched a news report regarding a white nationalist killing a college student, remarking to Anissa Pierce how tragic it was that the same sort of hate crimes kept happening.[4]



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