"This was the night, in the rain, with Thunder and Lightning as a witness, that Black Lightning was born again."
—Jennifer Pierce[src]

Jennifer "Jen" Pierce (born October 7, 2001)[1] is a student at Garfield High School. Jennifer is also the daughter of Jefferson Pierce and Lynn Stewart, the younger sister of Anissa Pierce, and the ex-girlfriend of Khalil Payne.


Early lifeEdit

Jennifer was born on October 7, 2001[1] to Jefferson Pierce and Lynn Stewart.[2]

When Jennifer was young, she came across her father in the bathtub, asking him why he was bloody.[2]

Attending Garfield High SchoolEdit

Jennifer went on to attend Garfield High School, where she once beat Lana in a track race.[3] In 2018, she texted her friend Kiesha as she and her father waited to pick up her sister, Anissa, from Freeland Police Department. She handed her sister a dress to change into, before they left to go to a fundraiser at Garfield High. On their way there, they were stopped by police, who initially believed Jefferson to be a felon from a nearby robbery. When they got to the school, Jennifer went to get ready to go clubbing with Kiesha. They were interrupted by Anissa, looking for her sister. Jennifer lied, claiming they were going to a house party, and Anissa allowed her to go, providing she was home in time. They got to Club 100, where Jennifer flirted with Will. The two were surrounded by gang members, before being taken before Lala. Will continually attempted to refer to Jennifer as his "girl" while groveling for mercy, causing Jennifer to hit him in the stomach. They were interrupted by Jefferson Pierce, unbeknownst to any of them, who used his electrical powers to incapacitate the gang members. Jennifer ran home, where she was met by her mother, who helped calm her down. She was then reprimanded by Anissa.[2]

The following morning, Jennifer joined her father and sister for a run. She then headed to school, where she was followed by Will. She requested he leave, but he refused. It quickly escalated, but Will was sent off by Principal Pierce before he could pull a gun on Jennifer or Anissa. Jefferson talked to his daughters, scolding Anissa for altercating with him, before they left on the bell. Later in the day, Will returned with a group, kidnapping the girls. He took them to the Seahorse Motel, but they were soon rescued by Black Lightning. They were taken home by Inspector Henderson, embracing their parents. The two girls eventually fell asleep together.[2]

Jennifer slept with her mother for comfort. The following day, talking with Khalil Payne on the phone, Jennifer was approached by Malik, who shot her with red liquid, claiming it as a message from Lala. That night, Khalil came by, shyly asking Jennifer to be his girlfriend. She accepted and the two kissed. The day after, Jennifer and Kiesha sat above the bleachers at school, drinking alcohol. She took the bottle and met Khalil in the gym. He got angry and took the bottle from her, throwing it out, before comforting her.[4]

Jennifer attended the funeral of Lawanda White, listening and standing up as Reverend Jeremiah Holt implored the crowd to join him in a march against The 100. Khalil double checking with Jennifer that she was okay with losing her virginity, she spoke to her parents about it over dinner, leaving them speechless. After dinner, Jennifer convinced Anissa to join her at the march. The following night, Lynn took Jennifer to the march, the three women joining the crowd. They were stopped, however, when Khalil and Reverend Holt were shot. As they were rushed to the hospital, Jennifer was comforted by Anissa, before the doctors told her that he may never walk again, the bullet having hit Khalil's spine.[5]

Shortly following this, once Khalil began rehabilitation, Jennifer skipped school to help him. She overheard nurses talking about him being a hopeless case, which she called them out for. Jennifer then headed home, where her parents suggested she end things with Khalil, as she already had plenty on her plate. The following morning, Jennifer went to school to quit the track team, before going to Khalil and revealing the news, to his clear disappointment. The following day, Jennifer returned to the hospital with her father, who shortly entered with Khalil's mother, when he revealed the final diagnosis to Khalil: that he would never walk again.[6]

Jennifer later went rollerskating with Kiesha, where she met her old nemesis, Lana. Lana expressed her hate for Jennifer since she beat her in a race at school. Lana tried to beat up Jennifer but she defended herself by countering Lana and her friend, and ultimately breaking Lana's wrist. Coming home to her parents talking to Lana's mother and aunt, Jennifer was scolded and punished by her parents for the act.[3]

After her sister was arrested for protesting once again, Jennifer accompanied her father to Freeland Police Station to pick Anissa up, watching on as Jefferson lectured her elder sister. That night she talked to Anissa, admitting her feelings of guilt regarding being with Khalil. The following day, she was made fun of on social media by Khalil, causing her to sit on her own in the school gym. Her father entered, comforting her. He took her to go see Khalil, but Khalil was nothing but bitter, blaming her for all that had happened to him. Jennifer left, regretting the choice to even see him.[1]

Sensing something up between her sister and father, Jennifer coerced it out of them, them claiming that Jefferson had simply not kept an appointment with Anissa.[7]


Jen is a strong independent woman with a wild streak. She loves to party and have fun. But she can also be a bit arrogant and stubborn. But she does have a caring side which she mostly shows to her best friend and family.

When Jen found out about her powers and the truth about her family, she was devastated because she just wanted a normal life, and was concerned if she could even have kids. She usually has a happy demeanor.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


  • Meta-human Physiology: Jen inherited a the metagene from her father, Jefferson Pierce; therefore granting her superhuman powers.
    • Electrogenesis/Electrokinesis: Jen has the power to generate electric shocks and bursts from her hands. This power was first activated when her friend Keisha fell down a scaffolding and she got scared. She accidentally used it to destroy her phone.[8] Unlike her father, Jefferson Pierce; Jen is like a generator as her cells can create pure energy. Whenever she utilizes or is about to her utilize electrical powers, Jennifer's eyes glow bright orange.
    • Electric blast: Just like her father, Jefferson, Jen can create blasts and bolts of electrical energy and project it at her opponents.
    • Electro-telekinesis Using her electricity, Jen can manipulate the matter of objects with electricity or electromagnetism. She first utilized this when she created an electro-rope/lasso to lift Martin Proctor into the air and bring him down.
    • Electricity generation: Jen can generate electricity from her own cells and use it to her will. She can even generate enough amounts of electricity to "power-up" her father after he was completely drained of his powers, though it left her momentarily exhausted.
    • Electrical transformation: Jen can generate an electrical field, turning her into a being of sentient lightning.[9]


  • Athletic prowess: Jen possesses impressive athletic prowess, as it has been mentioned that she is a stand out scholar-athlete, just like her father, Jefferson.[2]
  • Hand-to-hand combat: Jen possesses impressive fighting skills, having been taught how to fight by Jefferson, she was able to defend herself against two teenage girls, and break one of their wrists with ease.[3]


Promotional imagesEdit



  • According to Will, Jennifer has an Instagram account.[2]
  • Jennifer is applying to Harvard.[10]
  • Jennifer has mentioned that she smokes weed.[11]
  • According to Lynn through her CAT Scan, Jennifer is like a generator, her cells can create pure energy in episode ten, "Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption".
  • Jennifer has a driver's license.[12]
  • Unlike her father, Jefferson Pierce; Jennifer generates orange colored electricity, instead of blue.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In DC Comics continuity Jennifer Pierce is a superhero known as Lightning.
    • Jennifer's quote regarding Black Lightning's return, "with thunder and lightning as a witness" is a reference to both sisters' superhero identities from the comics: Anissa as Thunder and Jennifer as Lightning.


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