Inspector Henderson is a police inspector of the Freeland Police Department.


Early lifeEdit

Henderson began working for the Freeland Police Department in 1994. Over the ensuing years, until 2008, he helped fight the vigilante Black Lightning.[1]

Return of Black LightningEdit

Henderson gave statements to press after a violent protest against The 100. He later headed to a fundraiser at Garfield High School. He ran into Jefferson Pierce, who thanked him for helping his daughter from lockup. Later that night, Henderson attended a crime scene at Club 100. The following day, after Anissa and Jennifer Pierce were kidnapped, Henderson went to Garfield High, reassuring Jefferson that he would do his job. Eventually recovering the girls, he took them to their mother's house, where Jeff met them.[1]

The following day, Henderson stood with a group at Garfield High School as Jefferson assured a group of parents that their children would be safe from The 100, only for him to be interrupted by Lawanda White. Following that, he walked the halls with Pierce, the latter scolding the former for letting the Seahorse Motel reopen, Henderson claiming there was only so much he could do. He also told Pierce of how Will had escaped, but assured him they were looking for him. That night, Henderson stopped by Jefferson's house with his dog, checking in on him and letting him know about Lawanda White having stationed herself outside of the Seahorse Motel. The following night, Henderson and the police found Lawanda's dead body, and he called Pierce so he could find out from him before the news. The night after, Henderson burst in on Black Lightning, but the vigilante escaped. He then took in a beaten Lala, who he told of his guilt through recordings on Lawanda White's cell phone.[2]

Henderson attended Lawanda's funeral, watching as Reverend Jeremiah Holt encouraged others to join him on a march against The 100's tyranny. After the service, he and Jefferson implored Holt to call off the march, claiming it to just be endangering them all. The following day, Henderson went to Garfield High to inform Jefferson that only police car could work the march.[3]

Henderson and his wife, Veretta, were invited to dinner at the Pierce residence.[4]



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