"I forgot how warm and beautiful this place is."
Lynn Stewart to Gambi[src]

Gambi's Custom Tailoring is a tailoring shop located in Freeland. It is owned by Gambi.


After being injured at Club 100, Jefferson Pierce headed to Gambi's Custom Tailoring, where he was patched up by Gambi. Despite initially refusing to get back into the vigilantism game, Pierce soon returned to the shop, Gambi offering him a new vigilante suit.[1] Lynn Stewart came by the shop, accusing Gambi of having fuelled Jefferson's addiction to his powers.[2] Following Lawanda White's death, Jefferson took vigilantism back up, Gambi making some improvements upon his gauntlets, which he allowed to try out and perfect beneath the shop.[3] Gambi later instructed Black Lightning from beneath the shop on a mission to find a stash of Green Light.[4]


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