"Look, somebody has to do something, because all of this policing and marching and praying, it hasn't changed anything."
—Anissa Pierce[src]

Anissa Pierce (born June 28, 1994)[1] is the oldest daughter of Jefferson Pierce and Lynn Stewart, and the older sister of Jennifer.


Anissa Pierce in the Freeland Police Department

Anissa in the Freeland Police Department.

Anissa was born on June 28, 1994, to Lynn Stewart and Jefferson Pierce.[1] When she was 10 months old, she started to learn to walk, but every time she tried, she'd fall, cry, and then try again. A week later, she finally properly walked.[2] In 2nd grade, she kicked her teacher in the leg after she thought he made one of her friends cry, this resulted in her getting suspended.[3]When she first told her family that she is a lesbian, there was silence for a minute, and then nothing but hugs.[4] She studied medicine while also teaching at Garfield High School as of 2018. She took part in a protest against The 100, but it turned violent and she was arrested by the Freeland Police Department. She was picked up by her father and sister, the latter of whom gave her a dress to change in to. On their way to a fundraiser at Garfield High, her father scolded her, before they were pulled over by police. They made Jefferson get out of the car, believing him to be a robber they were looking for, but he was eventually let go. They made their way to the school, where they watched Senator Turner speak about the Pierces. Anissa noticed that Jennifer wasn't there, finding her instead getting ready in the toilets with Kiesha. She allowed them to go to their "house party", on the provision that her sister came home in time.[5]

The following morning, Anissa went for a run with her dad and sister, before heading to school. As she got out of her car, she noticed her sister being harassed by Will. When she asked him to leave, he refused, instead grabbing her. She knocked him down, but was stopped by the girls' father before he could pull a gun on them. Later that day, Will returned with a posse, taking Anissa and Jennifer to the Seahorse Motel. They were ultimately saved by Black Lightning, and taken home by Inspector Henderson, embracing their parents. They soon went to sleep, but Anissa was woken up, still shaken. Heading to the bathroom, her hands began glowing with electricity, before she accidentally broke the sink.[5]

The following morning, Anissa stood with her father and company at Garfield High when he reassured a group of parents of the safety of their children against The 100, only to be interrupted by Lawanda White. Anissa stayed with her girlfriend Chenoa who offered to help her cope. Two days later, unable to sleep, Anissa went to retrieve sleep medicine at a pharmacy which was being robbed at gunpoint. Once again shaken, her strength was triggered and she tossed the robber into several shelves. Happy to have stopped a crime, she smiled and took her medicine to the counter.[6]

Anissa later began testing out her powers, initially having little luck, before learning to take breaths and hit her targets, filming it all. She headed to a library, where she began reading on genetic mutations. She was greeted by a woman who introduced herself as Grace, and she invited Anissa to a cosplay party at a bar she worked at. Shortly following, Jennifer convinced Anissa to join her in a march led by Reverend Jeremiah Holt on The 100's territory. She later attended the cosplay party, dressing in spandex and cat ears. She was interrupted by Chenoa, who thought her to be cheating. They took their argument outside, where the two broke up. Later joining the march, the group was stopped after Reverend Holt and Khalil Payne were shot, forcing them to be taken to the hospital. Anissa comforted Jennifer, before talking with her mother, admitting that she'd broken up with Chenoa. The family shortly found out that Khalil would likely never walk again.[2]

Driving around, Anissa saw two students of hers talking to drug dealers. She got out of her car and stopped the girls, making them get into her car, loosely threatening the two men. That night, Anissa attended dinner with her family and the Hendersons, arguing for Black Lightning's vigilantism. She left partway through, finding the two men and knocking them down with her super strength. Realizing she'd badly hurt them, Anissa called an ambulance. The following night, Anissa went to the Ruby Red Lipstick Bar, before leaving with Grace. They were stopped by former patrons, who harassed Grace before knocking her out. Anissa fought back, hurting them and flipping their cars, before taking Grace inside to recover.[7]

Anissa began researching special abilities online, watching a conspiracy theory video. She was interrupted by Jennifer, who she leant her jacket. Finishing the video, she was given leads involving her grandfather, Alvin Pierce, and the Freeland Gazette. Anissa headed to the Gazette, where she was warmly welcomed by editor David Poe, a friend of her grandfather's. She proceeded to ask about his cancelled articles on the mass disappearance of nine individuals with special abilities, but Poe refused to answer, kicking her out. She returned later, ambushing him. Poe gave in, giving her all of his files on the disappearances. Reading through the files, she eventually found a key for what she determined to be Anvil Storage Facility. Anissa, deciding to try vigilantism, went to put on her spandex costume, but it broke, so she headed to a retail store, where she was assisted by Ben. Donning the costume, Anissa headed to the facility, opening one of the storage spaces to discover some more files and a safe containing a substance.[8]

Black Lightning blasts lightning at Anissa

Anissa fights Black Lightning

Anissa participated in a protest to vandalize a culturally insensitive statue with paint-filled water guns, but she was arrested. When being picked up by her father, he lectured her on how she had to be uber-careful as a black woman in America. That night, after doing some research on superpowers, she had a chat with Jennifer, who admitted to feeling guilty of being with Khalil. The following morning, she took some of her grandfather's research to Bowman College, where she asked her mother to run some tests on chemicals she'd found. Her mother attempted to pry, but simply made her promise to tell her what was going on when she could. The day after, Anissa watched a news report on a white nationalist who defended the culturally insensitive statue, plowing through a group of protesters and killing a girl who had protested earlier beside her. Angered, she destroyed the statue that night with a stomp-induced shockwave while citizens mourned for the losses there. With everyone freaked out by her powers, Anissa called her mother, asking if she could come by and explain everything. She arrived at Bowman College, only to find her mother having been tied up by some thugs. She easily beat them up, her mother instantly recognizing her. As she went to untie her mother, she was interrupted by Black Lightning, unbeknownst to one another that they were related. He believed her to be one of Lynn's attackers, and so fought her off. Anissa was soon overpowered, before Jefferon realized his mistake. They took her home, where she was tended to and allowed to rest. As she woke up, she noticed her father in his Black Lightning suit, shocking her.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit


  • Superhuman strength: Through the trauma of being kidnapped by the 100, Anissa manifested her meta-human ability of super strength, accidentally breaking a sink after getting overwhelmed by the event. She can trigger her strength through holding her breath,[2] and has proven powerful enough to flip a car upside-down.[7] She has shown to be quite powerful, also being able to leave her foot imprint in stone and take down two men with no effort. Whenever she uses her powers, her hands start to glow.[5]
    • Stomp-induced shockwaves: Anissa can generate shockwaves by stomping hard from where she is presently positioned, inducing loud tremors that can be heard and felt over a large area.[7][1]
  • Superhuman durability: Anissa was able to take the hit of debris landing on her from a large height, seemingly not taking any injuries from the impact.[2] It can also make her bulletproof, as she was able to withstand being shot in the chest by several bullets. She can also render herself immune to electricity, such as Black Lightning's blasts.[1]


  • Medical skills: As a medical school student, Anissa possesses medical skills.[5]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Anissa has been shown to possess impressive martial arts skills, as she was able to single-handedly flip a member of The 100 onto the ground,[5] and also nearly hold her own in a fight against her skilled vigilante father.[1]
  • Teaching skills: Anissa possesses teaching skills, specifically on the subject of health, as she works as a health educator three days a week at Garfield High School.[5]
  • Expert investigator: Anissa is very intelligent and an excellent investigator, as she follows every lead and rumor to discover the truth.[8]


  • Vigilante suit: Anissa chose to wear a purple and yellow leather jumpsuit along with a blonde wig when operating as a vigilante. when out as a vigilante.[8] The suit also appears to be bulletproof, as when Anissa was shot right in the chest, she wasn't harmed at all, due to her suit.[1]
  • Flashlight: Anissa also carries a flashlight with her when she's out as a vigilante, which she keeps in in the left boot of her costume.[8]



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  • Anissa has so far had two love interests, in order being: Chenoa and Grace.
  • Anissa is the first character on the show to be homosexual.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In DC Comics continuity Anissa Pierce is a superhero known as Thunder.
    • Jennifer's quote regarding Black Lightning's return, "with thunder and lightning as a witness" is a reference to both sisters' superhero identities from the comics: Anissa as Thunder and Jennifer as Lightning.


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